American Infrastructure Maintenance Management LLC.

AIMM provides transportation infrastructure asset maintenance management

About AIMM

Who we are. What we do.

American Infrastructure Maintenance Management LLC. (AIMM), founded by Mr. Javier Rolon, provides operations and maintenance services for Road, Bridge, Toll Facility, and Communications Infrastructure. Our mission is to optimize the return on infrastructure investment by maintaining asset performance levels that extend the asset’s lifetime. We serve both public and private sectors.

AIMM offers a choice of four contracting options. Clients can choose any combination for optimum asset maintenance efficiency.

  • Lump -sum performance-based maintenance services. Complete turnkey service for one set price.
  • Unit/Cycle pricing for specific maintenance activities. For example: guardrail and sign repair, mowing and aesthetics.
  • Staff augmentation. We can provide trained and experienced crews so clients can secure the right resources quickly.
  • Individual staff hours provided for technical management and/or engineering, or QA/QC services.

AIMM is proud to be affiliated with these organizations:

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