American Infrastructure Maintenance Management LLC.

AIMM provides transportation infrastructure asset maintenance management

Inside AIMM

Our People. Our Values.

AIMM seeks candidates with relevant experience and the ability to learn and grow with the company. Our goal is to maintain low turnover while building a well-trained workforce that shares the company values and our commitment to client service.

  • We make sure new or less experienced employees are assigned to teams where they can be mentored by more experienced personnel. They are encouraged to learn on the job and seek advancement. We recognize our employees’ good service and achievements.
  • Employees receive regular training in their area of work and are provided opportunities to earn certifications. We have primary concern for our employees’ safety and routinely conduct regular safety training and certifications.
  • Our teams are encouraged to participate in process/program improvement by communicating freely with management about lessons learned on the job and by finding creative solutions to issues.

We Live Our Values:

  • We believe in complete honesty and integrity in all we do. 
  • We believe that treating our employees with courtesy and respect will provide the highest quality served to the customer.
  • We believe that encouraging employee feedback will generate better decisions.
  • We believe that all employees, including management, should aspire to learn from everyday experience.
  • We believe in promoting teamwork and discovering the joy of creativity.
  • We believe in Zero IncidentsZero AccidentsWorking Smart and Safe.
  • We believe in our Client’s success.

With knowledge, experience, and expertise; with honesty, reliability and commitment, AIMM provides excellent customer service, client satisfaction, project results.

Are you interested in working for us? Join our team!

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